Bat-Call technology allows doctors and patients, for the first time ever, access to the widest range of chest sounds. Providing accurate diagnosis through visual Sound Signature, Deep Learning technology and accessible devices.

Revolutionary Chest

Diagnostic Technology

Many of the body's sounds are currently disregarded as they are out of the audibility range, resulting in losses of invaluable medical information that could improve the lives of millions and substantially reduce medical costs. Based on its proprietary technology, Bat-Call is providing breakthrough acoustic digital diagnostic systems (initially focusing on chest acoustics).

The Power of Infrasound

and Deep Learning

Bat-Call presents invaluable medical information, using body infrasound and deep learning classification. Using Bat-Call technology in the health-care system will result in cost-effectiveness. Creating an accurate, fast and integrative health-care system in hospitals and clinics.

Utilizing Infrasound clinical data
Machine learning algorithms (AI)
Body Sound Signature controlled by touch screen


Traditional auscultation devices haven't changed in decades. They only pick up on a limited sound spectrum and they leave out critical diagnostic information.

High resolution information and broad spectrum of sound and infrasound can help physicians make an informed decision and reduce unnecessary hospital costs, tests, and exposure. 


The various implementations of Bat-Call technology  will contribute to better patient care. It is an important step towards remote patient monitoring (RPM).

The AIS - Acoustic Imaging System - is a portable device that maps sound source to physical 3D organ (location) highlighting abnormality, and is a revolutionary tool in chest functionality estimation.

For Clinics

The Compusteth is able to detect out of audibility sounds, to identify them and present them to the doctor in a visual way, thus making the diagnosis faster and more precise.

For Doctors

The Spirome gives the chronic patient an intuitive reliable device that monitors their chest functions, transmits the information to their doctor or other care providers, and enables them to control and contain the condition.

For the Home



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